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MKK10: Love is a Verb

Created by OnePlusYou

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Designs again! :D

Just so you know. the side sleeves punya design i've not yet done, and it's 2am now. mental block. LOL. just enjoy the front and back view je la skarang ni. hahahha

and oh, the actual shirt colour is black. :D i lazy to change it to black. HAHAHAHA. so everything invert yea? white to black. and uh, red still red. use yer imagination! hahahahaahha..

Official Design

Hear ye
hear ye
*British accent*

*clear throats*
thou hath chosen ye favourite design for MKK10!

I shall present to you the Chosen One:

Now, now, calm down... calm down... Now that we have a glimpse of what the complete outcome will look like, I shall come out on MORE of the similar design with different colours! ngeeeehehehehehehe..

Here's prototype num 1:

Here's prototype num 2:

Here's Prototype Number 3:

However! Ye can still use the yellow designs, if ye chooseth to! These prototypes flew into my dear dear mind when I found out the official design was chosen by thee... Up to ALL ye MKK10 committees to decide on the upcoming meeting! Hugs for now.




Theme: CITY!

Let's just say:


for the whole hall decorations, the entrance, the settings of everything!
Let's choose SUMMER as the official season too! (will edit the design)
Not to mention, the drama production HAVE TO use the floor as their stage!


I have this fantastic idea of

1. BIG paintings of CITY BLOCKS!

2. HUGE green-yellow-blue SIGNBOARDS pointing EVERYWHERE!!

3. L.A. palm trees style at the entrance!!!



Thursday, December 3, 2009


Dearly Honey Bunnies,
Joy here.

I am now opening the voting of designs to all. PLEASE VOTE FOR MKK10 OFFICIAL DESIGN.

IT IS open until 20th of December. 20TH OF DECEMBER. okay. cool! :D
And no worries, once i have the sebulat suara, saya akan fokus dengan design itu dan saya akan mula menambah-baikkan design itu *chewah* hahahaahahahahahha..

k la, hope you have an awesome week ahead! LOVE U GUYS!!!! :DDDD

IF you dont know how to vote, please follow the following steps:

step 1: Check out the designs on the previous post

step 2: Pray about it. *seriously*

step 3: have a better picture of that particular design, and keep that thoughts until the design is pick. :)

step 4: go to the voting poll. choose and click "XOXO" to proceed.

Step 5: wait until the voting is over and finally, everyone has their official design UP! wuhoo!

step 6: There aren't any! HAHAHAHHAHAHA...


Thursday, November 26, 2009


Some of the pictures during the first three meetingsssss.

compile by


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sponsor Letter (Update)

Sponsor letter please download by clicking on the link below...

Sponsorship letter

Sorry about the previous post. Got bit salah faham haha.

Anyway summary of it:
Just focus sumbangan alumni.... (the best)
Our seniors alumni should be main priority.
Do contact them.
They are all happy, willing & ready to help us in our project (no kidding)

Trust in the Lord that He will supply us what we need.

Anything contact me (0122231509 & 0163948418)
or Joanna (0133564238) regarding the individual sponsor letter
or Christina (0162958146) regarding the company sponsor letter.

Do inform others to download the form & find sponsor. Thanks.

- Jeremy -

Update: Just realized my name is wrong on the company letter...this is corrected version

Proposal Update (update)

After many reasons & ideas from AJK & also members...I'd decided to make it @ Panggung Seni. It's already in the proposal. Proposal is done 100%. I would like to apologize because the progress of proposal is 1 week late behind schedule. Now only waiting for contacts from PMUKM to support & pass up. A bit susah now because the office is closed during holidays. =.="

NOTE that all decisions are made by taking consideration words of advice & opinions from AJK, seniors, & also members. But sorry if my previous post seems to monopoly the decision. Maybe the way I convey the message got misinterpreteed.

Continue to pray for MK!

- Jeremy -


Got the sokongan PMUKM already. Can hantar esok yeah! Harap-harap PPP won't ask me betulkan this betulkan that lah!

Update 2:

Proposal checked by PPP,, & accepted!. Now waiting for confirmation kebenaran around next week should get it (if they are working). Will continue to push them.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Banner designs (Super Updated)

Goodday Mate! All the way from Aussie here. LOL.
I'm doing good here, except that my wisdom tooth is KILLING me.
*pain wei*
Anyway, here are some of the banner designs I've came up for the whole day.
More are coming. just let me know if you think I need improvements.
WHICH I think I do NEED.



Explanation: Basically I go for elegance yet colourful on this one.


Explanation: Technically, it's the orange version of the first one.
With less tribal designs at the side. :D


Explanation: I like this one coz it's funny. Hhahahahaha.. It's like
a banner that suddenly SPEAKS to you and you JUST have
to READ this! LOL


Explanation: I thought playing with brighter colours, so i chose yellow and red.
And I thought that since we're doing the modern era drama, I thought
"City" background carries the meaning more. With a twist of Autumn season too. :D


Since colours play a lot in attracting people, I thought of putting TONS of
bright happy colours here. It's colourful! hahaha. Cute too. This speaks of fun.
Drama will be full of bold colours too! and I HEART the quote I put there. It's funky!


Exp: For this design, I practically play A LOT with different fonts and bright colours.
and I personally LOVE this one. It shows 4 sides of designs in 1 yet they somehow fit in a picture. To me, it's different from the rest. :)


Exp: As for this, I find this design to be SO adorable and outstanding, with the
GIRL (which SOMEONE thought it's a GUY. LOL!) holding on to the sun/love or whatever.
Since our drama carries a story of a GIRL, I find this to be okay la.


One of my personal fave is this. Its so Chique and movie-like advert. LOL.

Exp: This is my favourite among all. I placed the shoe and heel to represent
the girls and the boys. I placed "Question" marks on the shoes to represent them
not knowing what is real love. To people, they might think love is BGR
but when they come for the event, they'll know what defines their love.
:) the quote too, donchu LOVE it?

A black version of B6, just as suggested by Isabel.

K la,

More are coming. Just keep rolling on those ideas in.
and uh, if you wanna comment, do say it in a nicer yet straight way.

Hi, everyone. Sorry for the delay of the sponsorship letter. I just want to ask for your cooperation regarding the sponsors your collected. Please collect the "Keratan Jawapan" together with the money/cheque and kindly sign at the column below the keratan jawapan.
One more thing, please keep all your receipts if you have bought something or do anything for MKK2010 that uses money during the holiday. You'll need to give the receipts to me when you claim your money. That's all. Thanks!

Happy Holiday & Merry Christmas!!

Updated videos. :)

This video Promo 1 (above) is short. I prefer something simple. Lol.
I just simply put in an unknown family video inside.
At least I know that will catch people's attention there.

This video Promo 2 (beloe) is slightly longer.
It is mostly taken from Glad Tiding's(I think)
Easter Promo video called Broken.
Which I THANK GOD for them putting it in Youtube.
I'm basically combining everything I saw on Youtube
just to suit the whole MKK10 video. :D

(That is the reason why I dont copyright it at all. All credits go to them.)

Hope you enjoy everything.

More are coming out. Soon. :D

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Honey Bunnies sekalian,

Please be reminded to send in your designs or ur trusted designer friends' designs to ME.



Monday, November 2, 2009

DECTAR or Panggung Seni?

Just checked both DECTAR & Panggung Seni is available on the MK tentaive date. Pray that the proposal will be diluluskan fast so that I can book straightaway. & also no mid-sem exam or majlis makan malam kolej will kacau. But the pegawai say so far the kolej submitted their dates, none clash with mk. So the only factor left is mid exams. haha.

oh ya another things... please vote k?

Since our MK scale is 500+ ppl, PS can fit in all instead of DECTAR. Furthermore, it would feel better to have a PS filled up & compact, (appear as if full house) than to have DECTAR empty kosong kosong since DECTAR can house beribu2 ppl...500 would looks very kosong as if takde orang.

Somemore PS no need arrange chairs.. the stage size is in PS is enough, DECTAR stage is very big that requires our performance to be large scale in order not to look awkward.

Just an idea... So please vote ya! comments are welcomed.

So its...

1) A full house Panggung Seni
2) Very empty DECTAR

- Jeremy-

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Voting Closed

We are officially using this verses below to be on the shirt.


...This is real love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as a sacrifice to take away our sins. Dear friends, since God loved us that much, we surely ought to love each other.

All AJK MKK designer please take note


Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I'm currently doing the proposal for MKK..got so many tak faham things arrggghhhh wish i can tangkap everyone now to ask this & that but all occupied with exams..lolz i think im gonna solve all by this weekend... pray 4 the proposal untuk diluluskan ya!

- Jeremy -

One Word. One Vision

As I was helping Nernny with the synopsis of MKK Drama, this thought came into mind:

If God is ever real to us, show it. People tend to forget there is such thing as Love. Love is not merely a noun. Love is a verb. Just as how Christ is, not just a god but an Act of Love from above.

Be blessed:
joy gracia liso

Monday, October 26, 2009

When Love Takes Its Place

At times, when they say love is hard to earn, perhaps they forget to give it out first. Love is indeed a verb, I thank Him for this theme. He gave His Love to us first, in return our love to Him. Are we personally vulnerable enough to feel His ever great Love? To be honest, I'm still caught hanging between that thin line -- the line on standing in front of the wrapper, just like in the quote. I'm standing there, just in case. Heh. Foolish of me, I know. But who am I to kid here, I'm still human okay. :D Anyway, I did told a friend of mine, because she was being to cautious with lending a hand to a literally lame person,"Being cautious, perhaps is the only barrier between us and loving someone.". How wise can I be to someone, yet still a fool of myself.

Guess what, MKK10 doesn't just formed to tell others about the perfection of His love for us but for us AJK, for me, especially. I'm still yet to discover a part of myself in this process of being in the Publicity Department. Gosh, how tensed can I be when I CLEARLY DON'T KNOW A THING. hahaahhaha. But you know what, He is providing me awesome seniors, who know something! So, that IS the start of His perfection plan for me for MKK10! :D I just know, at the end of this, I will grow out of this with a knowledge of Publicity thing in my head! hahahaha. Isn't He cool? Putting you in a place where you have nowhere to go and BAM! there He is, smiling and lending you His ever strong and faithful hand. LOL.

ANYWAY.... this is just my thought. I don't know why do I even writing all this. enough of my winding post, I hope it will bless you, one way or another, i hope. HAHAAHHAHHA..

God bless.
Joy The Awesomeness.


This will be the official blog for our Malam Kesempurnaan Kasih 2010 : love is a Verb. Updates can be found here. Feel free to comment & voice out ideas. Everyone's opinion will be considered. We want to make this "everyone's" event. Thanks.

- Jeremy -